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политология / political science / politikas zinātne

I. About myself

II. Political Science in Latvia

IV. Works of Latvian Researchers

V. Interviews

III. My Works

This section contains selected multithematic essays and research papers. In the end of each articles there is listed out a number of sources used or recommended for further examination.

1. About Politics and Policy in Latvia (rus)

2. The Economic Transformation in East-Central Europe since 1989 (co-authored Elina Steinchen) (eng)

3. On Sociocultural Aspects of Europe (eng)

4. Globalization as a Part of Postmodernism (rus) (lat)

5. Structural Transformation of the Russian Elite in 1989-1993 (rus)

6. UN Peacekeeping: A Critical Review (rus) (lat)

7. UN Peacekeeping Missions: Changes and Challenges after the Cold War (lat)

8. America: Friend or Foe? (lat)

9. The Future of Developing Countries: A Neomarxist View (lat)

10. International Organizations As a Global Actor (lat)

Author: E. Chernov


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